Ariteks Nanotek

Purification Systems

Arıteks Nanotech has developed state-of-the-art purification systems for the wastewater problems that have arisen today. Industrial wastewaters are growing rapidly. Photoelectrocatalytic water treatment systems are very effective by on-site purification facility with the possibility of very low energy requirements. It offers the perfect solution without using any chemical.

Water Purification Reactors

Water Purification Reactors

Photocatalytic systems can be defined as the chemical energy conversion of solar energy. During the conversion, the hydroxyl radical (OH) is formed. The radical is a very powerful oxidant and plays an important role in the oxidation of organic substances to CO2 by reacting with many organic pollutants in the water. The uses of photocatalytic systems can be said to be antibacterial (antimicrobial properties), water cleaning, air cleaning, self-cleaning and deodorization. It is environmentally friendly system. It does not produce carcinogenic by-products in the waters. Disinfection time is very short.

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