Ariteks Nanotek

Photocatalytic Pastes

Ariteks Nanotek, produces many functional nano coating materials as photo-catalytic pastes, redox catalytic pastes and more. Arıteks Nanotek is a leading company in Turkey about nano catalytic pastes for solar and fuel cells

Porous Semiconductive TiO₂

Porous Semiconductive TiO₂

Perfect dispersion quality and high purity makes this coating transparent on surfaces. Provides high performance for dye sensitized solar cell. Thanks to its large surface area (50m²/gr) has an excellent performance of dye adsorbtion.

Catalytic Pt

Catalytic Platinum

High purity redox catalytic paste. Catalytic Pt paste is very succesful at providing high electron transfer cycle. Its appearance is transparent after coating and sintering process. Concentration is setted to have maximum efficient and optimum amount.

Catalytic C

Catalytic Carbon

Catalytic C has an excellent effect on redox couple activities. Low coating thickness and great performance on perovskite solar cells.

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