Ariteks Nanotek

Nano Dispersions

Arıteks Nanotek, produces many functional nano coating materials as antimicrobial, UV protection, anti-reflection, air cleaning, scratch resistance, self-cleaning, deodorizing, radioactive protection and more. Arıteks Nanotek is a leading company in industrial technological and academic researches.

Photocatalytic antimicrobial TiO₂

Photocatalytic antiviral (Covid-19 killer) TiO₂

High quality dispersion of nanometric titanium dioxide particles show advanced antimicrobial and antiviral (antivirus) effect by simple spraying. The product offers transparent coating by means of nanometric particles inside dispersion. Photo-catalytic antimicrobial and antiviral effect is validated by test results.

Photocatalytic antimicrobial ZnO

Photocatalytic antiviral (Covid-19 killer) ZnO

High quality dispersion of nanometric zinc oxide particles show advanced antimicrobial and antiviral effect. The product is a good alternative for research and applications of antimicrobial activities. Photo-catalytic antimicrobial effect is validated by test results.

Hydrophobic & oleophobic dispersion

Hydrophobic & oleophobic dispersion

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings avoid water and dust grip by means of reduced surface resistance. Can be applicable almost every type of surfaces by brush and spray coating. Applications have long lasting hydrophobic and oleophobic effect.

Photo-antireflective SiO₂

Photo-antireflective SiO₂

The product shows considerable light transmittance due to its high quality silisium dioxide nano dispersion. Applicable on front face of solar cells to obtain relatively high efficiency by avoiding reflections and raising transmittance.

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