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Dye sensitive solar moodules

Ariteks Nanotek is agreeing on the sustainability of our growing energy needs in the 21st century as one of the most important needs of mankind. In this context, the most important renewable energy sources of solar energy to produce electricity on state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems on a wide range of advanced studies continues. In this direction , Ariteks nanotek focused on dye sensitized solar cells producing. Photovoltaics offers long-term, large-scale, renewable energy generation in the future in countries with high solar energy potential and in the sun-rich countries.

Dye Sensitized solar cells

Dye Sensitive Solar Modules

The sun is an energy source that is abundant, unlimited, renewable and easily accessible without paying any price. Dye sensitized solar cells; are eco-friendly technology products that include semiconductors that directly convert the sunlight coming to their surfaces to electrical energy. It is modular, can be set up immediately, the power can be increased or decreased according to changing needs. The system dont produce any harmful waste to the environment or noise. We are able to realize the best applications of photovoltaic technology with building integrated photovoltaic solutions.

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